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Mother Nature killed my Halloween

I will have tons of candy to eat as we will certainly not get any trick or treaters. Got at least 8" of snow and the trees, still with leaves laiden with snow, broke all over. It was spooky, you went outside ... and crack crack crack you could hear the trees breaking.
Been out of power since sat at 1pm, peco - whose phone lines are now jammed - say maybe by tonight???
The bedroom was 52 this am. have a generator keeping the fish hot and the fridge cold, not internet, no phone, no heat, no hot water - using the car to keep cell charged
Currently at Hubby's work, its warm, got hot water for my tea and the internet
Here is my emergency uploaded pic
Princess TuTu FruFru

was planning a big group pic for today but it will have to wait

Halloween day 29

Holy smokes ... its snowing

Certainly not the picture I planned at all!

One moreCollapse )

Halloween day 28

Angie, a very sweet girl

Halloween day 26

Hic!!!! Someone made a potent batch of Pumpkin Ale

.... Soso is a lightweight

Halloween day 25

"I am not knocking, you go"

Coco and Cheerie, silly girls

Halloween day 24

Silly Tinman, he should put a pumpkin in there instead

Halloween Day 23

Wee handsome Vampire

Halloween Day 22

Maybe he is not such a coward after all?

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